Project Description
The Story of the World is perceived largely through the triumphs and defeats of men. Leading the Way: A Tribute to Women of the 20th Century seeks to contribute a fresh perspective on our collective History and Humanity.

Transcending all barriers – geographic, political, social, cultural, racial, and economic – this project was conceived as a homage to women and to bring greater awareness of their fundamental contributions to human development worldwide.

The main objective was to compose a group portrait of historical significance. The women who are depicted in the painting come from all around the globe and from different fields of pursuit and professions. There they reside side-by-side with their peers to produce a powerful visual record of the extraordinary accomplishments of women during the last hundred years. Because they have never before been visualized together, this project brings a unique amalgam of genius, courage, and talent that has poured forth from 20th Century females into artistic form.

Leading the Way: A Tribute to Women of the 20th Century bears witness to the pioneering strength, the spirit, and the leadership of women all over the world, and is a testimony to their selfless dedication to their respective callings for the betterment of the world.

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