Artist Statement

The narrative of our human experience cannot be complete without full representation of the individuals who shaped times, places and events throughout history.

Clearly defined gender roles traditionally have kept women off the public platform and hence from the public mind. As a result, history has shone a brighter light on men’s contributions giving them higher visibility.

My painting series Women Leading the Way addresses this issue and aims at bridging an existing gap in representation between the two halves of humanity.

What began a decade ago with Leading the Way: A Tribute to Women of the 20th Century, a visual chronicle of women’s achievements in the last hundred years, has now expanded beyond the 20th century.

Women Leading the Way: Suffragists & Suffragettes, the newest in this ongoing series of paintings, portrays the women leaders of an international suffrage movement and provides an essential record of their extraordinary struggle to secure voting rights for all women. Their accomplishments are particularly remarkable considering that, oftentimes, these women had to fight simply to be counted as citizens in their respective countries.

Through visual representation, Women Leading the Way, the series, intends to bring out of the shadows these women who helped shape history worldwide, from the 18th century onwards, and seeks to contribute a fresh perspective on our collective history and humanity.

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